Worship at Midway

    Throughout God’s Word, we see a command by God to a “holy convocation”, a public gathering of believers to worship.  In the New Testament, we see that even Jesus (God in the flesh) had the custom of regular worship with the believers.  Also in the New Testament, we see that we are not to “forsake the assembling of ourselves together”.  In other words, we are to look forward to corporate worship.  It is commanded by God, demonstrated by God, and protected by God. 
    At Midway Baptist Church,  we find that multigenerational worship is a joy for our church family.  We believe that parents and children should worship together so that children will be taught by their parents and other worshippers how to participate in joint worship.
  Our worship music is under the direction of David Williams.  Together, we participate in a variety of music from hymns to choruses.  Our adult choir contributes regularly to worship, also singing a variety of music including country gospel, contemporary, spiritual, and traditional music. Our Praise Team,  Individuals, families, and our children’s choir contribute to our worship as well.  Every Fifth Sunday worship is dedicated to worship through music, either from our church family members or from guest music leaders.
    Our Pastor Johnny Burdick's messages reflect what God and he have “prayed” about prior to each Sunday and Wednesday service.  They are designed from Scripture to lead us to cleansing from sin at the cross to living a Christlike life because of the Resurrection of Christ.  Each service is punctuated by an Invitation for life-change where we confess before men our sin, our forgiveness, and our desire for Christ to have full control.
    Wednesday evening for adults is a “Prayer Meeting” where our discipling is  Prayer-based.  Either together or in prayer groups, we unite our hearts to prayerfully change the world. "During the summer, all Ages worship together and have specific Prayer Groups according to age."
    Come worship with us!