A Historical Look at Midway Baptist Church


            During the War Between the States, a group of people began meeting in a little Negro schoolhouse south of Cairo off what is now Georgia state Highway 93.  That church was called Kinky Baptist Church.  In 1890, under the leadership of Rev. D.F. Massey, the church relocated south of the Ochlocknee River in what was then Thomas County and changed its name to Magnolia Springs Baptist Church.  At that time, there were twenty five members.  In 1909, under the leadership of Rev. Matthew Kinchens, the church was relocated north of the Ochlocknee River to Rube Hill.  The area was named so after a fine Christian Negro slave, Rube Hawthorne, who lived on the hill.

            The buildings on Rube Hill burned in 1912 and the members then began meeting in the Midway School, just across Midway road from the church’s present location.  A new wooden structure was built across the road from the school in 1913 under the leadership of Rev. Billy Sellers.

            During the twentieth century, God blessed the Midway Baptist Church through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and many other challenges of the world.  As we look back at those years, we see the Hand of God moving in the lives of everyday people with the Saving Power of Jesus Christ.  Both the Facilities and the Faces of Midway have changed over those years, but always God’s Redeeming Grace has shone through to the Midway Community.

            Please note these landmarks of our History:   

            1949, full-time church services began  

           1951, Sunday School Rooms were added

         1952, a pastorium was completed

         1960, what is now the present sanctuary was dedicated

         1966, a Fellowship Hall was completed (Membership was 225)

        1967, an additional Sunday School building was added

        1970-1980, Carpet, padded seats, and AC were added


 2005, work was completed on renovations to Sunday School space and a new 250 seat Fellowship Hall (Membership 459)


Midway has had a wonderful legacy of Christian Pastors to guide her through the challenges of sharing Christ in this old world.  As you read the History of Midway’s leadership, breathe a prayer of Thanksgiving for what God has done and is doing.

    1.   W.J. Sellers  1913-1919
   2.      F.O. Oates 1919-1929
3.      C.L. Carley 1929-1932
4.      N.G. Christopher 1932-1936
5.      William M. Davis 1936-1947
6.      I.J. Thompson 1947-1949
7.      W.P. Perry 1949-1950 
8.     W. Silas Bradley 1950-1953
9.      Hugh Lee Brinkley 1953-1955
10.  E.T. Vines 1955-1958
11.   Harold N. Earnest 1958-1961
12.  Leo Y. Lewis 1961-1965   
   13.  Hugh Lee Brinkley 1965-1967
14.  Kenneth Cloud 1967-1970
15.  Bill Bailey 1970-1971
16.  Robert E. Ferrel 1971-1972
17.  Lewis Adkinson 1973-1977
18.  Calvin D. Justice 1978-1980
19.  Wayne McDonald 1981-1983
20.  Charles Robinson 1983-1986
21.  J.D. Templeton 1986-1992
22.  Hugh L. Brock 1993
23.  Wayne Burdeshaw 1994-1998
24.  Kenneth Cloud 1999-2005
        Jack House (Interim) 2005-2006
25.  Tim VanLandingham 2006-2010
       Carl Harrell  (Interim) 2010-2011
26.  Carl Harrell   2011-2015
27.  Johnny Burdick 2015-